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Craft-N-Go TriFolds

Posted by Cynthia Faller on

The Craft-N-Go TriFolds are in!  Two sizes to choose from:

The TriFold-N-Go “Crop” version – $49.99 – 60 long” x 12″ high, allowing you to see over it to chit-chat while working on your craft!

The TriFold-N-Go “Tall” version – $64.99 – 60″ long x 18″ high. Perfect for on the go, the RV, hotel room, cabin, or even just an easy way to store your supplies in your home or craft room. No more bending down into a bag or taking over the kitchen table!

Customized pouches and boxes attach to the inside of the all Velcro workstation, as well as one of the outside walls of the Trifold (that is protected when closed up).

Each “Crop” Trifold old comes standard with six 6.5 x 8.38 x 1.5″ pouches. (“The Crop” version has room to fit 16 pouches if placed directly on the Velcro, and can fit 48 pouches if overlapped)

Each “Tall” Trifold comes standard with eight 6.5 x 8.38 x 1.5″ pouches. (“The Tall” version has room to fit 24 pouches or 64 if overlapped)

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