Dec 9th 2016

Products to Get You Started Scrapbooking

Crafting is a fantastic outlet for your artistic talents. However, getting started can be a challenge with so many options for materials that can be used in the many crafting fields. Artists paints and brushes, scrapbooking paper, ribbon, scissors, glues, face paints and tubes of glitter; the materials can quickly pile up, making your enjoyable past time become more of a chore to set up, gather materials, and actually begin to craft. When you buy a Craft ‘n Go craft workstation, you can have all of your materials in one place with easy access. Scrapbooking is a great way to get into the crafting world, but where do you start? With these top scrapbooking products, you can be prepared for any scrapbooking need. Also, with your new art and craft workstation, you can have a great place to organize all of your supplies.

Cardstock and Solid Papers

You can’t scrapbook without paper, right? When you’re starting out, getting the right type of paper or cardstock is crucial to your success and enjoyment. Keep in mind that certain varieties of paper can damage photos that are attached to it. Choose acid-free and lignin-free paper, otherwise your paper could turn yellow over time with sun damage and it could also damage your photos. With cardstock, consider if you are going to be tearing the paper and what color the core is. If you want the tear to be noticeable, choose a white core, or you can choose a core color that is the same as the cardstock. Not only color, but think about the texture as well. Combining color and texture can highlight your photos.

Patterned Paper

Having fun with patterned paper means that you can jump right in with a range of designs, weights, colors, finishes, and textures. Using patterned paper can be the focus of your page, but also can be used to highlight photos or as a decorative element on the page. Start out by choosing a color theme for your scrapbook and choose complementary colors that can be used throughout.


Adhesives are obviously crucial in keeping everything together in your scrapbook, it will hold photos, journal posts, ribbon, buttons, and accents to enhance your book. Using the correct type of adhesive will ensure your book, and the materials in the book, are attached smoothly and won’t face any damage. The options are varied with tape runner, glue dots, glue sticks and liquid glue as all viable choices. Read the details on the product to ensure the adhesive is the right one to use for the material, and that it will last for years after you’re done with the project. The wrong type of glue can ripple the paper, or cause damage to ribbons or photos. There are also acid-free adhesive options.


Adding handwritten photo captions, short journal posts, or doodles adds an even stronger personal touch to your scrapbook. Just like paper and adhesives, you want to choose a pen that is fade-proof and waterproof to ensure that nothing fades or smears over time. You will have countless products to choose from, including different colors, glitter pens, and markers. Stick with your chosen color theme and everything will look great together.

Scissors and Trimmers

Scissors as well as paper trimmers will allow the details of your project to be straight and structured, as well as possibly adding zig-zag details. There are even scissors available with a built-in ruler that will assist with measuring. Make sure these products are comfortable in your hand and are sturdy.


This is the best part of scrapbooking! With embellishments you have the chance to show your personality, style, and sense of humor. You can choose from photo overlays, flowers, cards, tags, buttons, ribbons, and more! Have all the fun you want with embellishments, but be sure to purchase the correct adhesive.

Storage and Organization

Remaining organized throughout your projects will protect your sanity. When you need your favorite pair of scissors, you’ll know exactly where to look. With the help of Craft ‘n Go artist workstation, you can organize all of your new supplies and you’ll never have to spend time looking for your materials. Craft ‘n Go offers art and craft workstations that have customized pouches and boxes that attach to the inside of your craft workstation. It is also portable! So if you want to scrapbook in the living room and watch a movie, or take it to a friend’s house, it can easily be packed up and taken with you.

When getting into a new hobby, making it easy and fun will help the hobby last. With these popular, helpful, and organizational products, you can be sure to enjoy your scrapbooking activities for hours. A portable artist workstation is a great way to start so you can share your hobby with others as well. Shop Craft ‘n Go today for all of your art storage needs.