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The Craft-n-Go Paint Station Was a Big Hit at FABAIC 2015

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We had such a great time at FABAIC 2015!  Everyone was so nice and friendly.  We were able to meet current owners of our Craft-n-Go Workstations and we also created a bunch of new owners as well.

The face and body painters loved the new Paint Station!  They enjoyed seeing a New Happy Paint Station Owner - reduceprofessional, all-in-one kit that does so much more than your plastic face painting case, guitar case, or DJ case.  It was fun for us to see them imagining how their supplies would fit and function in a workstation like this.  It was fun to see some of our current customers come by our booth and give their video testimonials on how well these face painting cases are working for them.

At FABAIC 2015, Craft-n-Go was focused on highlighting our NEW Paint Station.  The Paint Station is a mini version of the Craft-n-Go Workstation Pro.  We specifically designed it for professional face & body painters, makeup artists and any artists that are on the go.  It’s a great way to have all of your supplies in an organized, easy to use, portable paint station. This convenient face painting kit makes setting up and breaking down your face painting supplies effortless, allowing you to maximize your creative time!  Just like the Workstation Pro, you can literally set up for your kit in less than 2 MINUTES!!

Some of the Paint Station features that the face and body painters loved were:

  • Metal inserts which allow for paints and supplies to be attached using magnets.
  • Large storage compartments which fit most types of water/paint brush basins.
  • Collapsible and Individually ADJUSTABLE legs! Perfect  for uneven surfaces.  Multiple working heights: As low as table level (26″) and as high as counter level height (36″)
  • Large, durable, wheels on one end, and a comfortable handle on the other.  Great for indoor or outdoor usage.
  • And the newer, lighter, 20lb weight!

FABAIC was so much fun for us!  We loved meeting everyone there including the Rock Stars heather and cynthiaof the Face & Body Painting world.  Lenore, ‘The Cheeky Chipmunk’ was one of our biggest cheerleaders.  We also met with Sean Avrum and discussed with him about customizing a Paint Station Kit for us!  WOW, a custom face painting kit by Sean…  too cool!  We also feel so blessed to have met Heather Green, the owner of Silly Farms and the main person behind everything that is FABAIC!  We really appreciated her encouragement and support and look forward to a long working relationship.

Check out Heather’s Blog and read about her introduction to the NEW Paint Station:

Paint Pals Link


We again would like to thank Heather and everyone at FABAIC for making the show a great success!  We are already looking forward to FABAIC 2017!

For more information on the Craft-n-Go Paint Station, please visit us:

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