Tools for Your Face Painting Kit

Dec 16th 2016

Birthday parties, carnivals, school parties, dress up parties, there are many events where kids can experience the fun of face painting. If they want to transform into their favorite superhero, Disney princess, cat, dog, or mouse, you can bring that magic to them. To see the kid’s faces light up upon seeing their new persona for the first time is well worth the effort. Speaking of effort, face painting can be a challenge. Anyone who has ever been around young kids, knows that they have endless energy, and can become frustrated and angry in a heartbeat. What tools do you need to make the process as smooth and enjoyable as possible? Read on to learn more about what essential tools are required for the job.

Essential Tools

At Craft ‘n Go, we understand there can be a lot of materials when face painting. Organizing these materials is essential in order to keep everything straight and to find the right materials as soon as you need them. With an art workstation from Craft ‘n Go, you can stay more organized than you ever thought possible! Our portable paint station is easy to use, fast to set up, and can be taken wherever you want to go. With these essential paint station tools, you will be the hit of the party.

Water Based Face Paints

Water based paints are definitely necessary and all parents will appreciate the paint easily coming off of their children’s faces. Having a range of colors will allow you to be be more creative when designing. Start off with at least the three primary colors to mix together, and white and black.



Sponges can be used in addition to brushes to create texture. For kids who want to be a cat, you can add some fur with a sponge. Use a high density sponge so that you can get better coverage and to help prevent streaking. When you have a large area to cover, using a sponge will allow fast application, saving you time. Cutting the sponge into wedges will also help give you a straight edge.


For fine details or a variety of textures, use different shapes of brushes. You can use fan brushes, different sizes of straight brushes, thick and thin brushes, all depending on what you are painting and the technique and style you are going for. Try brushes made from synthetic fibers to save some money.

Bowl of Water

Keep a bowl of warm water within reach to clean brushes, sponges, and to keep your hands clean. This will ensure that the paint on the children’s faces is clean and smudge free.


Adding these accessories to your face painting kit can add to the experience and also make your job easier.

  • Glitter gels will provide all little girls the chance to squeal with delight.
  • Glitter dust can be added quickly and still add the same magical sparkle to your designs.
  • No one likes paint in their hair, so keep some hair clips near by to keep hair out of the kid’s faces.
  • Stencils will give you the support you need for more challenging designs and if you aren’t confident in your free style painting yet.
  • A mirror will allow the kids to see their faces when you are done.

With all of these supplies, you need a reliable paint station. At Craft ‘n Go, you can keep all of your materials organized and you can take it with you wherever you go. The art workstations are lightweight and can be set up within minutes using the adjustable legs. There are customizable pouches and large compartments to store all of your face painting kit supplies. Shop at Craft ‘n Go today to get started.