Posted by Admin on Jun 28th 2016

Using Glue and Magnets on Your Craft-n-Go Paint Station

So you have invested in the Craft-n-Go Paint Station and you have been customizing the case with all your favorite supplies.  With your Paint Station purchase, Craft-n-Go supplies you with super-strong magnets and vinyl pouches to hold your supplies.  You can use the magnets to directly attach your supplies or to attach your pouches, brush holders and almost anything your creative minds come up with.  BUT, what is the best way to get your supplies firmly attached to the magnets?  Our customers have tried EVERY kind of glue imaginable.  It seems like a favorite has emerged… E6000 Clear Glue download (3)

For the supplied vinyl pouches, we suggest using a small drop of glue on each magnet and then place magnets on the outside corners of the pouches.
For small paint containers, one magnet should suffice.

For larger cakes, we recommend 2-3 magnets.

For cakes with a recessed bottom, our face painting friends recommend eliminating the recess by filling the void with a piece of an old coaster or a piece of cardboard.  Simply glue the cardboard to the bottom of the cake case and then glue a magnet/s onto the cardboard.

NOTE:  Let glue dry for 24 hours before use.

E6000 is available everywhere, such as Amazon, Walmart, LowesHobby Lobby, and other craft stores.

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Happy Painting!