Which Glue for Scrapbooking?

Which Glue for Scrapbooking?

Apr 27th 2017

If you are just getting into scrapbooking and have stared at the glue options in a craft store in amazement - don’t worry, we’ve all been there. There are a lot of adhesive options and it depends on what materials you are using, how you want to stick them into your scrapbook, and most importantly, you want a glue that will protect your photos and embellishments and not cause them to fade or curl at the corners. We’ve all made mistakes and have spent hours lamenting our favorite photos, so don’t feel like you’re alone. There is a learning curve to scrapbooking and it takes time and experimenting with different materials in order to learn what works best. The good news is that Craft ‘N Go is here for you with scrapbooking glue dos and don’ts. If you’re looking for art storage containers to hold all of the glue that you’ve purchased, shop for artist workstations that are perfect for all of your scrapbooking supplies.

Do: Give the Elmer’s Glue to Your Kids’ Teachers

Even for heavier scrapbooking embellishments, there are better glue products that will hold the pieces in place for longer and won’t damage them or the cardstock. Elmer’s glue is great for school art projects, but needs to stay far away from your box of art supplies. Look for glues that specifically say they are “acid-free” so they won’t harm the pieces or the paper.

paint station

Do: Try a Photo Tab Dispenser or Tape Runner

Small squares of double sided tape or a tape runner might be exactly what you need for your photos. With tab dispensers, one square per corner of the photo is enough to adhere photos to your scrapbook. With tape runners, there are options that dispense a clear strip, light blue dots, or white strips of double sided tape. There are also both refillable and disposable options. Try a few different products to determine which works best for you.

Don’t: Use Glue Sticks

There are some glue sticks that are acid-free, but trust us, there are better products. They might save you some money, but in the long run, you’ll end up spending more trying to find replacement glue. When glue stick glue dries, it will become brittle and cause photos and embellishments to fall off your pages. Spend the extra money upfront and find glues that can be used for photos.

Don’t: Use Rubber Cement

Like glue sticks, some are labeled acid-free, but again, there are better products that are easier to use. Rubber cement is messy and time-consuming and if you drip any on your page, you’ll have to start over or try to cover the stain with other embellishments. It is also difficult to remove photos with tearing them.

Which Products Are Best?

This is a trick question - you may need photo tabs, mounting tape, fasteners, and glue dots to put together your scrapbook. Try out a few different types and see which work best for the materials you are using.

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