CNG Paint Station 28" Package

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Made and shipped from the beautiful state of Idaho, USA 


Set up for your face painting event in less than two minutes!!! 

We specifically designed these for professional face & body painters, makeup artists and any artists on the go. You'll be sure to have all of your art supplies in an organized, easy to use, portable paint station. The CNG work station makes setting up and breaking down your face painting supplies effortless, allowing you to maximize your creative time!  


  • An all metal UPPER lid allowing for your face paints and art/craft supplies to be attached using magnets.
  • (1) custom cut metal work surface
  • (1) custom cut metal bottom insert with double sided tape to attach to the bottom tray
  • (25) magnets
  • (1) vinyl pouch
  • (2) latch/lock keys & (1) hex key to tighten legs


Paint Station Features:

  •  Paint Station OUTSIDE Dimensions: 28" x 13.5" x 8" (US *train* carry on size approved!)
  • Each case comes with an all metal upper *inner* lid allowing for paints and craft supplies to be attached using magnets. The outside plastic is not magnetic. 
  • 2 - 11.75" x 11.75" x 2.5" storage compartments on the bottom. 
  • Collapsible and Individually ADJUSTABLE legs! Perfect for uneven surfaces. Multiple working heights: As low as below table level (26") and as high as counter level height (36")
  • Large, durable wheels on one end, and a newly designed handle to make pulling the paint station more comfortable.
  • This artist workstation is great for indoor or outdoor usage.
  • Weight: 22 lbs .


*Order more pouchesmagnets or metal pieces here

Check out our accessory page for more items that fit perfectly in CNG cases!

***Please know that each one of these cases is made to order, in our US warehouse. Due to the manufacturing process, each case can have some type of imperfection such as a small discoloration and scratches on the metal.  Please contact Craft-N-Go immediately if your case arrives with more than a small imperfection.



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  • 5

    Posted by Lemondrop Laynie on Aug 24th 2021

    I absolutely love my CNG! Definitely invest in it!

  • 5
    SO convenient!

    Posted by SunflowerFacePaint on Jul 5th 2021

    Wow, I've wanted one of these for about three years now. It is so much more convenient than my old table setup. I can't get over how easily it sets up--and it looks so professional. My only complaint is the telescoping legs are a bit challenging to get back in; however, it's certainly a small thing to worry about when you consider the ease of everything else this paint station offers. Best purchase I've made for my face painting business!

  • 5
    Craft-n-Go paint station

    Posted by ‘Ren Chojnacki on Mar 27th 2021

    Purchasing the Paint Station was the best investment into my business that I’ve made. This has been a game changer. It professional, easy and attracts customers.

  • 5
    Stepping up my GAME

    Posted by chandra of Face & Body Art by Chandra on Feb 5th 2020

    I am so elated to finally receive my CNG. This product will certainly be a game changer for me. I can't wait to put it to use and show it off. Thank you CNG for creating this tool that we will use in the most creative ways to compliment our personal creativities. Thank you...and pardon me as I Step up my GAME!

  • 5
    So convenient!

    Posted by Unknown on Jan 19th 2020

    This craft n go is able to easily store all face painting supplies and taking it to and from places is so easy! I am able to set it up really nicely and it's vert sturdy and durable! Very pleased with this product!

  • 5
    I’m in Love

    Posted by Summer on Dec 11th 2019

    I have been literally saving all I could for the past three years to buy my Paint Station. I’ve been using it for about 3-4 months now and it has saved me time and back pains! I went from setting up a table and all my supplies to trying to make my own kit to the real deal cng! I am beyond grateful for this case. My clients love it and yours will too! You will not regret it! I assure you! Hurry up and get you one!

  • 5
    Best investment ever

    Posted by Amie K on Nov 15th 2019

    Buying my Craft N Go Paint Station was the best investment for my business ever. Thankfully, because so many people have purchased theirs before me, I had lots of great examples on how to set it up. I purchased industrial strength hook and loop to attach everything. I feel like magnets just add way more weight. When I arrive to my gigs, I just open it up, pour my water and go. It looks so clean and professional and guest ooo and aaaaa all over it. I am so grateful that you all have such an amazing product. I purchased on PayPal credit and as long as I paid it off within 6 months, there was no interest. Worth every penny and worth the wait. Thank you Craft N Go!!

  • 5

    Posted by Unknown on May 24th 2019

    Five stars! I can now setup for a gig in about 5-10 minutes. Love it!

  • 4
    Crafty dream case

    Posted by Anna Lea on Mar 23rd 2019

    I am so happy with my new Craft n Go paint station. I noticed right away that I was able to: * organize more efficiently * work faster and be more creative * feel confident in my set up & professional * quickly set up and break down my work area * cut down packing and unpacking time/ travel * my back paint, or discomfort has been decreased because this case is easy to carry and rolls! ( just like high quality luggage) * the quality is amazing and I got everything I needed included with the kit. * this is my favorite art case! My craft n go has paid for itself with less than three gigs. Best investment an artist can make to become a professional. This is a nessesity if you want to be able to stay organized and set up/ break down as fast as possible.