FABAIC 2015 - Videos    

Craft-n-Go at FABAIC 2015
Craft-n-Go at FABAIC 2015

On Stage With Heather Green_FABAIC 2015
On Stage w/ Heather Green - FABAIC 2015

Lenore Setting up at FABAIC 2015
Lenore Setting up at FABAIC 2015

Fairy Mask Tutorial Tropical Sunset  












Craft n’ Go was at the 2015 FABAIC! The Face And Body Art International Convention is all about bringing together talented face painting artists who are dedicated to their craft. FABAIC has instructors, special guests, and sponsored artists that come from all over the world to participate in competitions and more.

Craft n’ Go is proud to show these talented artists the paint station. The paint station offers the ability to set up your station faster and more efficiently than typical stations. Rather than carrying a folding table and a case or box with all of your supplies, you can have an all-in-one art storage container! The paint station features adjustable folding legs that are built into the body of the case. This makes our container easier to travel with and will save you time during your setup.

Watch these videos to see people setting up the paint station as well as working with the station. With multiple compartments and endless options for organizing your supplies, the storage container is large enough to hold all of your supplies. Face painting kits, trays for paint, bottles for glitter and other supplies can all easily be arranged so you can have easier access to your supplies. Watch Lenore set up her paint station; with brushes on the inside of the lid and trays for paint on the bottom, there is still plenty of space for cups of water to clean the brushes and a multitude of paint colors.

A benefit of this art storage container is that is customizable! If you want to add other accessories to create more compartments using the “Pick & Pack” foam sheets, add additional pouches, or work surfaces, you can make the station your own. With these items, you also don’t need to worry about your supplies tumbling around inside the case or potentially opening up and creating a mess. To experience the benefits of this paint station, order yours today!