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Fabaic 2015

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Craft-n-Go at FABAIC 2017

Happy New Paint Station Owner

Craft-n-Go Paint Station

Sean Visits the Craft-n-Go Booth

Everyone Loved the New Paint Station craft-n-go, Paint Station, heather green, silly farms New Craft-n-Go Paint Station Customer

Professionals Love the Paint Station

Sean Avram at Work, Fabaic 2014

Face Painting out of the Paint Station

 Craft-n-Go, Paint Station, silly farm, heather green, fabaic Sean Avram at the Craft-n-Go Booth! Checking out the Paint Station
The Cheeky Chipmonk on the Paint Station Friends at the Craft-n-Go Booth  Face & Body Painting on the Fabaic Floor

Lenore Using the Paint Station

Kids Having Fun at the Craft-n-Go Booth

Paint Station, better than rolling case, craft-n-go

Lovin' the NEW Craft-n-Go Paint Station! Happy Craft-n-Go Paint Station Customer Face Painting at Fabaic 2015
Checking out the Craft-n-Go Paint Station Winner of the Craft-n-Go Paint Station Heather Green at the Craft-n-Go Booth
Face Painting at FABAIC 2015, Craft-n-Go  Body Painting at FABAIC 2015, Craft-n-Go  The Craft-n-Go Paint Station on the BIG Stage at FABAIC

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Craft-n-Go at FABAIC 2017