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Hex Key tightening tool

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This replacement key to tighten the Paint Station leg clasps is a Star bit #15, found in any hardware store.  (usually in a tool that have several sizes all together)


If you are struggling with 

have a Paint Station older than 2019, then you may have an issue with you legs that tightening will not fix. But we have a solution! After some redevelopment, our manufacture realized that past customers simply need to remove the spring that is inside of those latches and re adjust.  If the spring is not removed it acts as a spacer and will not let the clamp fully close around the tube. We didn’t realize this until recently!

Please contact us for the video showing how to remove the spring.


Steps to remove the spring: 

  1. Open clamp lever
  2. Use supplied T15 star wrench (the hex key that you use to tighten your legs) to loosen the clamp lever adjustment bolt
  3. Remove the bolt, nut and lever then set aside
  4. Pry the spring out of the clamp housing using a small flathead screwdriver. Caution! : The spring is under pressure and may pop out suddenly. Protect your eyes and hands during this step
  5. Discard the spring
  6. Reinstall the clamp lever, adjustment bolt and nut
  7. Refer to the clamp adjustment video for final adjustment  -



Feel free to do it on all of your legs so that they are just as strong.


If for some reason it does not work, please let us know, perhaps the screws are stripped.  If so, then we could send you some new latches.


And if you are on Facebook, be sure to join our private group.  It is super helpful and we often address issues like the loose legs in this group!


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