Small handle *kit* for adding to early Mini cases

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Small handle kit for adding to early Mini cases (if you were one of the first Mini customers in late 2019 who received a Mini without a small handle on the top.  Comes with handle, hardware, plastic reinforcement pieces & instructions for adding to your Mini case.  


Craft-N-Go Mini - Retrofit Handle Installation Instructions Tools required: Hand drill with 3/16” drill bit - 3/8” wrench or pliers - #2 Philips head screwdriver.

  1. Place the smaller plastic piece as shown. This piece is an installation spacer and will be discarded after use.

  2. Peel the adhesive tape liner from the larger plastic reinforcement strip. Apply the strip to the inside of the case using the spacer to position the height. Be sure to evenly center the strip left to right before applying pressure.

  3. Use a hand drill with a 3/16” bit to drill through the case using the four holes in the reinforcement strip as a guide.

  4. Attach the handle with the supplied screws and nuts and tighten with a 3/8” wrench or pliers and #2 philips head screwdriver.

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