Returns, Damaged or Defective Projects Issues?

30 day money back guarantee! If for some reason you're not satisfied with any of the products, you can return them for a full refund. Shipping, handling fees will apply and restocking fees will apply if the product was used.  We understand that these Workstations are an investment for your business and we want you to feel confident that we stand behind each and every product!  If any issues should come up, we will do whatever we can to make sure you have a perfect kit!
Any mistakes, shortages, damages, or defects found with your new kit need to be reported to Craft-n-Go within 5 days of receiving the order.  Damages due to freight carrier must be reported within 3 business days.  IF shipping damage occurs you must: 1. Contact Craft-n-Go within 3 business days and set up return.  2. Take photos of the damaged box that your order was shipped in. (The carrier will need to see the damaged box and contents in order to make a refund) 3. Mail the damaged item back to Craft-n-Go within 5 business days. 
If your kit arrives damaged, we will email you a pre-paid shipping label to send your kit back and we will get a new one out to you!
If you have had your kit more than the 30 day return period and there is any issue, please let us know and we will work with you to fix the issue!





Our Information Sheet that comes with each case 

 The CNG Paint Station and XL Work Station

 Thank you for your order!  We hope you LOVE your new work station! 


 Your case comes with the upper metal inner lid attached.

 Also included are 2 pouches (with 8 magnets in each) and 10 separate magnets. (We send a couple of extra magnets.  Though they are super strong, because they are so thin, they sometimes break when they are snapping together) If you choose to attach the pouches to the upper inner lid, you can glue the magnets to the corners of the pouches.  It’s advisable to glue the magnets inside AND outside for extra strength. (Glue info below)

 If you ordered metal work surfaces, a rubber strip is attached to the middle divider.  It allows the work surface to slip in and hold it snug in transit.  For extra strength (especially if your supplies are not attached to metal underneath the work surface), you can attach a magnet or double sided velcro to the top of the attached bottom trays, and to the bottom of the metal work surface.

Be careful, the metal can be very sharp!  Many customers like to wrap the work surfaces (or at least the edges) in decorative duct tape or washi tape.

 Gluing instructions for magnets to your supplies &/or your work station: Simply add one or two drops of super glue, (E600 works best), or glue dots/double sided tape. If you are gluing magnets directly onto the case, do not allow the glue to go beyond the magnet, as there is a possibility it will discolor the plastic around it.  Some supplies such as large face paints will need 3-4 magnets attached to the back.


When you set up your case, it may be a bit uneven.  This is because of the wheel base on the end of the case that makes it a little bit higher on one side.  Usually it is unnoticeable, but if yours has a tilt, simply lower the legs a little bit on the other side, and pull your legs out at an angle to make the case sturdy.  You can use a Sharpie to make a mark where the legs should be adjusted to make it easier in the future.

 If you discover that the legs (on the Paint Station) are not staying tight in the upper position (over time this will happen), they will need to be slightly tightened.

Use the included ‘torx (hex) screwdriver (size 15)’. It is in one of the included pouches.  If you ever lose it, email us and we’ll send you a new one, or you can find it at any hardware store.  We suggest that you check the legs before each event.  

 You’ll see a star shaped screw when you look at the latch/joint that you open and close on the legs.  Open the latch first and tighten the screw.  Be careful not to over tighten. One or two twists should be enough.

(Instructional video on

 If your legs eventually have a hard time snapping into the clips when they are folded up, check our website for tips on how to tighten or loosen them at the base in order to realign them.  


IMPORTANT: The XL case legs will be VERY stiff for the first few uses. You may want to open and close them several times in a row to loosen them. Be sure to fully snap them into position before you put pressure on the case. This is very important and could prevent collapse and potential injury. 

Since the cases have an upper lid that stays in the open position while being used, it can become top heavy.  Be sure to have more weight on the bottom of the case, and try to have something behind it should it be bumped or a gust of wind catches you off guard.  If this is not possible, using sandbags/weights is advisable.  This is especially important while using the XL case!


Please keep in mind that though these cases are made in America and are excellent quality, they are not bullet proof!  There are MANY working parts, and if even one goes bad, it will effect the whole case.  We will work with you on any issues that arise in the first year, but after that you would need to mail your case back to our manufacture at your expense if there is an issue (and if it can be repaired)

Be sure not to bang the case on the ground when taking it out of a car as it will tweak the wheels causing them to not roll straight.  And pay attention to not overload the inside, putting stress on the latches or overtime they will no longer close.  

The more careful you are with your kit, the longer it will last!

 We’re looking forward to seeing how you set up your new kit!  Please post your photos on our Facebook or Instagram page or email to us.  Be sure to include your company name and we’ll make sure to promote you!