Instructional / Product Videos


Instructional / Product Videos  

Unfolding The Craft-n-Go Paint Station
Unfolding The Paint Station (Set-Up)

The Wheels on the Craft-n-Go Paint Station Wheels on the Paint Station

Unfolding Your New Craft-n-Go Worstation Pro
Unfolding The Workstation (Set-Up)

  Tightening The Legs on the Paint Station
Tightening the Legs on the Paint Station

















Craft ‘n Go wants you to get the most out of our paint stations, so we have put together these instructional videos for your information. The easy to set up art storage container will make traveling with and setting up your display a breeze.

When you arrive at your destination and you’re ready to set up the paint station, it takes less than two minutes to finish the setup process. If you have a chair of a stool available, you can use this as support for the case, but don’t worry if you don’t. Simply place the workstation on it’s side either on a stool or on the ground, open up the adjustable legs, adjust the legs to your desired height, lock the leg height in place, and flip the case upright so that it’s standing on the legs. And you’re ready to go!

To open up the artist’s workstation, follow the same process! This workstation is larger than the paint station, so place the station on the ground, open up the legs, adjust the height, be sure to lock the legs, and flip the station upright. The setup time for this container is so simple, you will never go back to the old process of carrying multiple items in order to set up your artists display.

Both the artist’s workstation and paint station have built-in, durable wheels so you can travel with ease. The wheels are strong and built securely into the station so you don’t need to worry about it breaking or the wheels cracking. Travel through rocky parking lots, gravel areas, airports; bring the workstation with you in your car, on a bus, or anywhere you need to go! The art storage container is similar to a piece of quality luggage that holds all of your supplies in place.

The Craft ‘n Go paint station and artist’s workstation makes it easier to set up and will save you time so you can focus on your art rather than the set up! Order yours today!