Paint Station Handle Extender (for Paint Stations sold before 2017)

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Make your portable paint station easier to carry with a handle extender.

You can also purchase our longer permanent handle for your paint station, and replace it using a rivet gun.



Product Description

  • The portable Paint Station handle extender now with snaps instead of velcro for extra strength.

Extend the reach of rolling bags and/or the older version of the portable paint stations that are too short for you. Travel with your art storage container and don’t worry about tripping over the station or feeling awkward having to lean over. The handle extender (for artist workstations sold before 2017) will make it even easier to take your artist supplies wherever you need to go. Pack up your workstation and travel with it in the car or on a plane and set up your station easily and quickly.

  • Extends up to 12”

  • Made in the USA