I LOVE THIS THING!  It has made set up and clean-up so much easier.  I highly recommend it! This is probably my favorite face-painting item I’ve gotten in YEARS!


Lisa Joy Young

Craft-n-Go Video Testimonials

I LOVE my new face painting kit!  It is OUTSTANDING! Thank you SO MUCH for creating this incredible amazing product. I am in LOVE!  Thanks again!

Lenore, The Cheeky Chipmunk


I've had the Craft-n-Go for a while now, and I LOVE IT!  Big fan!

Amanda with Elaborate Eyes

Craft-n-Go Paint Station in Transit

My Craft-n-Go Workstation is AWESOME!  

I Love it soooo much!


Lenore, The Cheeky Chipmunk

My Craft-n-Go paid for itself in the first week!  My tips increased by leaps and bounds!


Heather Som


I set up my new Craft-n-Go Workstation in less than 2 minutes!  See the race between my old set up and the Craft-n-Go Workstation.


Lisa Joy Young

Lisa Joy Young with her Craft-n-Go Workstation

 I absolutely love it!


Lynn Pickett - The Painted Smile



Craft-n-Go Video Review #1- this is how amazingly fast I set up my kit now!

Amanda Destro Pierson

I'm loving my CNG!!! Best investment I've made into my business so far!


Lisa Sullivan

I love how quickand easy it is to setup and pack down and I feel super special with my cute little purple case filled with face paint magic!

Sarah_Enchanted Earth Folk

The Craft-n-Go Paint Station


Wonderful case.  Innovative design and so sturdily built. Suitable for many things, in my case: face painting!  Love it!  Well done creating something so useful, thank you! 


Helena Thingy 

So happy with my paint station. An absolutely brilliant investment and so pretty....

Linda Kiddle


Well-built table.  I am sure this is going to last for many years of not a lifetime. I am using my table for my face painting business and I absolutelylove having everything in one place. Set up is now a breeze and takes only a couple of minutes.Thank you Craft-n-go for great customer support & a wonderful product.

Lynda West Perry


This is the fastest and most professional set up I have ever had! Well worth the investment! Thanks so much!

Betina Bailey

I have the original, black CNG. Love it for face painting. Heavy duty, professional,and saves so much time setting up at packing away for gigs. Wonderful customerservice. Remember, you get what you pay for!

Marchelle Chamberlain


I absolutely adore the Paint Station! It's been such a lifesaver for me, both in time and durability and it just look so darn clean and professional. I've been using it since June and I love it just as much as the day I got it. I added some adhesive Chalk Board finish on the outside and I can change my message/price for any occasion or job

Crimson Dream Productions

Craft-n-Go Paint Station with Chalk Board Lid

If I saw this case first, I could have saved my self about ,1500$ buying other cases, bags, tables and had that money for more PAINT, lol.

Lynne Pickett 

Love the new painters case!!! Easy to set up portable and looks so professional

Marie Villy


I love my CNG table! It has taken my face painting set up time from about 13 minutes rushing, to about 3 minutes! It's saving me around 20 minutes at each event I do! 

Amanda Destro Pierson


Craft-n-Go is Made in America

Love love love my new case.

Lynne Pickett

What a game changer product an absolute must have!!!

Jo-michelle Scott


Saved by the Craft-n-Go!!  And it DID start raining about 2 hours into this 4 hour event, and sure enough I just closed the lid and was able to carry it inside in a New York Minute! (See my video testimonial HERE)

Lenore Koppelman

Craft-n-Go Paint Station Legs

I think I finally have my smaller kit ready to go! I repotted a ton of paints so it slides easily into the kit. The paints stack with a foam insert btwn them for traveling. I love that I can go up and down stairs without any problems now!! Thank you for making the smaller version!! I am more in love than before. And, the smaller version made me really think about the things I do not EVER use and those things got left out!! ♡♡♡   

Betina Bailey

Thank you Cynthia for my new craft n go. I absolutely love it and still trying tofind the perfect arrangement for all of my things. I have a new motto, "If it doesn't fit in the kit, I don't need it"!

Christine Haas Wolf


I don't know about y'all.. but my heart just drops when i see face paints together with craftngo.... just wow!   

Elizabeth Litsberger Lucas

The Craft-n-Go Paint Station Ready for Biz!

This, my friends, is a thing of beauty! Adjustable legs, wheels and bigger than my DJ Hero case. Very well made and professional looking case. Confident that this is the last face painting kit I will have to buy. Craft-n-go. Thank you Cynthia for your hard work and dedication just for the face painting community. Love, love, love the case. Now the fun of putting it all together. Could not be happier.    

Nancy L. Peterson

I love that about Craft-N-Go! I too have been in a situation with on and off again rain and was just able to close up quickly, wheel it inside and then set up again, just as fast.  You rock!    

Helena Thingy


I love it, worth every penny!

Marchelle Chamberlain


Im still in love, I just love the way I look more professional. Thanks again Cynthia!

Taneika Abram-Wallace

I was SO thankful for my Craft-N-Go yesterday! After work, I went to work face painting at a wonderful school event. It was outdoors and the weather decided to play "what will I be" every five minutes - hot, muggy and windy one second, pouring with rain the next and so on... because of Craft-N-Go I was able to just close my lid fold up the legs of the table and quickly wheel it into the building when it rained. And it was sturdy enough to handle the grassy, turning muddy terrain easily. Thank you again Craft-N-Go for this amazing product!!!

Helena Thingy


Enjoying my Craft-N-Go!

Jody Rife

Painted Paint Station

Got to use my new set up tonight and just love it! Very easy to use and everything is so organized. I have all my paints velcroed in place and everything else fits right in the case for travel.

Kelly Wilson Mules‎

Looking good so far!!! I'm loving it! Thank you!

Constance Sicchitano



I wanted to share how fast it is to set up your face paint station with Craft-n-Go.

Melody Wilkinson‎

Loaded Craft-n-Go

Got my new table all set up. I love it! It is cool! The legs fold up and it's on wheels so I can load it up with my current project and take it wherever I want

Cindy Oakes Cheevers


Seriously... buying this thing was one of the smartest purchases I have ever made in all my life. If I could marry it I would.

The Cheeky Chipmunk 


I did my first face painting event with my Craft-N-Go table and LOVED it! It was so amazing to be able to "pack up and go" in 30 seconds. It stopped people coming up at the last minute asking for "just one more" - I was already gone smile emoticon Thank you for creating such a great product! These photos show my "old set up" (not including the table I had to carry with me too - so bulky and hard to manage) and my new "set up" - table and supplies in one! And soon I'll be getting my stickers so I can personalize my 'table' top with my logo and info! Wonderful

Helena Thingy‎

Craft-n-Go Paint Station

Open and ready for business, packed up and ready to leave in less than two minutes ...used to take me at least 15 to 20 minutes... closed and ready for the next gig. Love love love it.  

Lynne Pickett


Craft N Go for the professional face and body painter.

Melody Wilkinson‎





Taking my Craft-N-Go into Melbourne city today via the good ole tram! First time taking my kit on public transport- going great so far!!

Sarah Cee‎

Just sharing the love. Received my Craft N Go and now I'm ready to go......  One of the best investments I've bought yet!!!    

Linda Kiddle

My new love! Used it for the second time today.

Nancy L. Peterson


Here is my new set up ready to go....I already used it last weekend and loved it!

Gina Rivas-Velazquez

Lisa Joy Young, Craft-n-Go

Here's how I turned the table top trifold into a glitter tattoo set up. Its awesome set up is really fast and it folds up really easy I love it!!!

Marie Villy‎

Looove my Craft-n-go station! Completely worth it, get yours today before these wonderful people decide to retire this awesome product

Aneesah Salahudin


My craft-n-go is looking mighty fine!   

Yvonne Castillo Garza‎

craft n go is made in America

I finally had a sign made for my CNG lid. Now I've got a billboard with me wherever I paint!     

Amanda Destro Pierson‎

Loving my new craft n go face paint kit!

Kathy Garcia Zimmerman‎


It is absolutely fabulous!!!!!!! I love it! My set up looks really professional. When I need to leave my table, I can just close the lid & not wonder if anything is gonna go missing. I could bring way more types of products with me including my new water proof paints & clutter tattoos.  Thanks I'm thrilled :)

Melissa Nigi‎

Ready for Business, Craft-n-Go Paint Station

So, I just received my table right before the start of the weekend. I was able to start using it right away. Plan to get everything situated where I want it this week but I love it!!! It's not as heavy as I thought either.

Terina Gillette

Jobs where I need a board are not a problem anymore all faces are interchangeable with Velcro so take what I need and stick to my craft n go table lid!! Love it! No more dragging a board along! 

Constance Sicchitano


Got to use my new set up tonight and just love it! Very easy to use and everything is so organized. I have all my paints velcroed in place and everything else fits right in the case for travel.

Kelly Wilson Mules

Paint Station, Craft-n-Go

Craft-N-Go to the rescue once more! I had a last minute 'squeeze in' booking for New Year's Eve which meant I had only 30 minutes to get from one venue to thenext. Once again I was able to just fold up my brushes, close up my case and go; getting to my next event with plenty of time. I love it so much. Thank you for such a great product, Craft-N-Go!

Innovative product for crafters or anyone who wants to take their hobby with them!

Rachel Parker

It is total awesomesauce! 

Sarah Cee


Become one of Craft-n-Go's many happy customers!