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The CRAFTING Workstation XL 36"Package 

Product Description

*This size work station was originally created for scrapbookers and crafters who stay in one place more than a hired artist.  We like to warn customers that it is VERY heavy.  If you plan on being on the go with this case on a regular basis, we suggest that you consider our Paint Station case instead.  It is lighter and a bit smaller, and unlike this XL case...the Paint Station has adjustable legs, making it easier to transport than the XL paint station. If you do use this XL case outside, please be sure to keep up against a wall or use sand bags as it can become top heavy and tip when bumped or with a gust of wind.  *

  • Set up your craft station in less than two minutes!

  • Customized pouches and boxes attach to the inside of the metal lid on the craft workstation.

  • Sturdy metal or plastic work surfaces.   (Crafters: Please contact craftngo to order plastic work surfaces)

  • Collapsible legs. Wheels on one end, handles on the other.

The Craft-n-Go Craft Workstation XL is a portable paint and craft station that is perfect for the avid crafter, scrapbooker, or any kind of artist on the go! Whether you are headed to a face painting event, going on a scrapbook retreat, vacation, or any other destination away from home, you'll be sure to have all of your face painting supplies with you in an organized, easy to use, portable craft workstation.

  • Workstation Dimensions: 36" x 22" x 7"

  • Large storage compartments under work surface.

  • TWO large bottom storage trays:  2 - 14 1/2" x 14 1/2" x 2" trays.

  • Weight: 35 lbs

Each XL work station comes with:

  • (1) metal (or plastic if requested) work surface & (1) metal bottom insert for the 14"x 14" section (bottom insert comes with double sided tape to permanently attach)

  • The CNG Paint Station also comes with (25) magnets (2) vinyl pouches.

You can purchase bottom metal pieces on this page or on our accessory page.  

*Order more pouchesmagnets or metal pieces here

Check out our accessory page for more items that fit perfectly in CNG cases!