Artist Highlight: Daria

Published by Tori Brunsting, CnG on Apr 17th 2024

Born in Delaware and now residing in North Carolina, Daria discovered her passion for face painting as a teenager. Starting with basic designs and a simple setup, she has since refined her skills and upgraded her tools to reflect her growing expertise and creativity.

“I began face painting at the beginning of high school, and I mainly painted myself," said Daria. “Not too long after I discovered face painting as an art…”

Her commitment deepened after her first professional stint at a party entertainment company. Even when the company relocated, Daria’s determination didn't waver.

“I didn't want to let this thing go, so I would paint myself and post pictures online where people would request that I paint for their birthday parties. Local Christian churches would invite me to help paint smiles for their crowds and this made me even more invested,” Daria said.

In college, Daria found work with another company and used breaks and summers to enhance her face painting abilities. Post-graduation, she moved to North Carolina where she met, and began working for, Beth, owner of Kathi’s Klowns.

“I work as a professional face painting artist. I now have the setup of my dreams, and have even branched out to do other areas of art such as waterproof face paint, UV black light paint, and glitter tattoos. All of which will have their own unique Craft-n-Go because it has been such a joy to work with,” Daria said.

Standard Craft-n-Go CaseCard CaddyExpansion TrayBrush BinDazzle CaddyMagnets

Daria has definitely made the Craft-n-Go Case her own. She attached the Card Caddy on top of the case using velcro, making it easy for people to grab her card. The left side of her case is where she utilizes the Expansion Tray to hold her brush easel, stencils, and rhinestones while painting. But her setup does not stop there. A few more added elements take her Craft-n-Go case to the next level.

“Everything in my Craft-n-Go Case is magnetized with really strong magnets, so I don't have any lids on anything because they are not going anywhere. I also use a portable airbrush machine so that I can airbrush in details and stencil art. On the right side, I took out my foam insert and I use this Brush Bin for my hand fan, extra glitters, blood in case someone wants a vampire or something creepy, and my spray bottle with water in it. I recently added a Mehron Bruise Wheel to my glitter wall for wounds. I have a Craft-n-Go skirt that I made to top things off," Daria said.

With a fantastic case setup like Daria's, all that is left are the eager faces waiting for her to paint.

Daria's experience as a professional face painter has allowed her to paint at various events.

“My favorite types of events to attend as a face painter are the events organized by larger organizations that are happening. This way I get to paint many faces, I love large crowds. The company that I work for allows me to paint for so many large corporations. These events are so fun because the crowd loves face painting. Most kids are getting face painting done for the first time in their lives which introduces the concept to moms and dads, and allows me to see them again later on at a party or event," Daria said.

After years of experience, loads of events, and a lot of painting, Daria's favorite design makes you want to take a trip to the beach.

“My favorite face painting creation would have to be dolphins and sharks! They are the most fun and cool because I get to sometimes add waves to the design and it just looks amazing when it is finished," Daria said.

We loved hearing about Daria’s journey into face painting and her Craft-n-Go setup. In closing, we asked Daria what advice she would share with a fellow face painter.

“My advice would be to continue to follow what makes you happy, no matter how busy or slow business can get for you. Keep painting! If you love what you do, somehow the universe will give you what you love. Follow the latest people and companies within the industry because they never steer you wrong. Invest the money into the setup and things that you want. You will not regret it," Daria said.

Thank you, Daria, for the great advice and for sharing your story. If you want to follow Daria on social media or see more of her art, you can find her on Instagram and Facebook.

Instagram: @dariafacenbodyart

Facebook: Daria’s Face & Body Art

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