How to Organize Your Face Painting Stencils

Published by Craft-n-Go on Feb 29th 2024

Everyone has a different way of organizing their face painting supplies. What might work well for one person could create a headache for another. Find the organization solution that works best for you.

When beginning your face painting journey, typically, you start with just a few colors and brushes, creating simple but effective designs. It may not take long before you begin mastering the basics and want to grow your kit with more supplies.

Stencils are one of those elements that can bring any design to the next level. They help speed up the process, create detailed patterns, and are simple to use when painting. But without a good way to store them, you have an unorganized mess.

To help you avoid that cluttered mess, we've gathered a list of ways to organize your face painting stencils in your Craft-n-Go case.

Metal Binder Rings

A widely used method for storing stencils is metal binder rings. You can find them at almost any store that sells school or office supplies. They are an easy and inexpensive way to store stencils.

Most stencils already have a punch hole in the stencil to slide it onto the metal ring. If you need to, you can either remove one stencil or use it while still on the ring. Select the stencil you want to use, slide the rest out of the way, and then apply paint. Easy!


Magnets are essential accessories for any Craft-n-Go case. There are countless ways to use a magnet; attach them to your paints, glitter containers, or other small tools. Another way is to store stencils.

Once your stencils are on a metal binder ring, stick a magnet to the upper part of your case, then you can store your stencils there. It helps keep your stencils from cluttering up the bottom of your case and makes them easy to grab.

Magnetic Hooks

Another way to store your stencils is with a magnetic hook. A quick internet search will pull up a variety of choices. They come in different colors, quantities, and magnetic strength. If you find a non-magnetic hook that you really love, no problem! Simply glue your Craft-n-Go Magnets to the back of the hook and you are ready to go! A colored hook is a fun way to match the color of your case.

Once you’ve got your magnetic hooks, place them on the upper part of your case and hang your stencils there. A magnetic hook is a secure way to store your stencils, yet they can easily be moved or rearranged.

Craft Pouch

If you have an abundance of stencils, you may not want to display all of them at once. You might want to store your less frequently used or out-of-season stencils separately from the ones you use most often.

The Craft Pouch is a great way to hold your less-used stencils. The clear pouch allows you to see the contents without having to open it. It can also clip onto the side of your case or get stuck on with magnets.

Organize by Theme

Once you have an organized way of holding your stencils, you may want to consider organizing your stencils by themes. Put your animal patterns together, your whimsical characters together, and your seasonal stencils together. Organizing your stencils by theme makes it easy to find the right one when you need to use it.

Stencils are an easy way to speed up a design or give you a perfect pattern! Having them organized in an efficient way that fits your setup can help your customers and your own experience improve.