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Craft-N-Go Paint Station. Go or No Go? by Jolene Harris Box

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What a great blog post from Face Paint Blog!  Thank you Jolene and everyone over at Face Paint Forum!


Jolene Harris BoxI’m sure you’ve seen them around our little face painting world– the Craft-N-Go Paint Station. You may wonder if it’s worth the investment or not? I can speak from the voice of experience.  I purchased one of the first 100 to be produced. I was on the waiting list pre-ordered and waited months to receive mine.  I can say that it was worth every penny and all the time I spent waiting. I had seen larger Craft-N-Go used by Lisa Joy Young and…

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The Craft-n-Go Paint Station vs. the DJ Hero Case

Have you ever asked the question, “Which is better, the Craft-n-Go Paint Station or the DJ Hero Case”?  We have heard this asked many times over.  Face Paint Forum’s Amanda Moody tackles this question and many more with her incredible NEW video series!  Pricing, durability, portability, longevity, customization, etc.  This video series is an in-depth look into [...]

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Craft-n-Go Paint Station Review

Hello all!  We just stumbled onto a great testimonial that we wanted to share;Click on the above image OR you can click HERE as well.Thank You Crimson Dream Productions!  So glad you love your new kit!  Check out their cool painting tutorials too! Face Painting!From your friends at Craft-n-GoFor more information on the Craft-n-Go [...]

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