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Can the Craft-n-Go Paint Station Increase Your Revenue? by Craft-n-Go

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Hello Friends!

13495031_1284318984941464_5927469576340842796_ncropWhen making a big purchase such as buying a Craft-n-Go Paint Station, one main question is, “Is this worth the money”? You’ve already done a ton of research on every website and blog in town and know that the quality, convenience, and longevity is there, but can you justify the money? Some of our customers who have taken the plunge have not only said it was worth every penny, but they have reported that, because they now look so much more professional they are actually making MORE money than before, increasing their bottom line! No more need to trouble your customer for a table or a spot to set up. No more need to worry about uneven ground when using the Paint Station, and set up and tear down is a snap! Our friends are saying that this is leading them to receive MORE TIPS as well!
So, the answer is a resounding YES! Our customers agree that it is worth the money and a great investment for your face and body painting career. 13495031_1284318984941464_5927469576340842796_ncrop 2If you have any questions regarding the Craft-n-Go Paint Station, please contact Craft-n-Go at:

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Win a Craft-n-GO Paint Station at FABAIC 2017!

New announcements from FABAIC! Free Live FabaTV on Friday July 15th, 2016 AND win a new Craft-n-Go Paint Station at FABAIC, 2017! Looking forward to seeing you at the big show! Your friends at Craft-n-Go!

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The Craft-n-Go Paint Station vs. the DJ Hero Case

Have you ever asked the question, “Which is better, the Craft-n-Go Paint Station or the DJ Hero Case”?  We have heard this asked many times over.  Face Paint Forum’s Amanda Moody tackles this question and many more with her incredible NEW video series!  Pricing, durability, portability, longevity, customization, etc.  This video series is an in-depth look into [...]

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Craft-n-Go Paint Station Review

Hello all!  We just stumbled onto a great testimonial that we wanted to share;Click on the above image OR you can click HERE as well.Thank You Crimson Dream Productions!  So glad you love your new kit!  Check out their cool painting tutorials too! Face Painting!From your friends at Craft-n-GoFor more information on the Craft-n-Go [...]

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New Review!

Hey everyone! We have a review that we want to share!  A blog dedicated to all things crafts, DIY Home Sweet Home, has posted a wonderfully thorough and informative review on the Craft-n-Go Workstation! To read the review, click here! Remember to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest!

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