The Top 5 Essential Tools for Traveling Face Painters

Published by Craft-n-Go on Jun 24th 2024

If you are beginning your journey into face painting and are looking to assemble your first Craft-n-Go, starting with the right tools is crucial. The world of face painting is vibrant and creative, and having the right tools can make all the difference in your work, especially when on the move. To ensure you are well-equipped, we turned to our Facebook community of experienced face painters to find out what they consider their most essential tools. Their insights are invaluable for anyone wanting to create a kit that allows them to travel from event to event. Based on their recommendations, we have compiled a list of the top five essential tools every traveling face painter should have in their kit. Here is what our community had to say.

A Variety of Brushes

Paint brushes are one of the most essential tools in your kit - without them, it would be nearly impossible to create beautiful designs. Investing in high-quality brushes that will last and give good results is critical.

Brush Bin

When it comes to building your brush collection, there are a few types of brushes that are practical for various painting techniques. A few brushes that we recommend are flat and angled brushes, which are great for painting rainbows. Round brushes are essential for filling a lot of space or creating designs like flower petals. A filbert brush can be helpful because its rounded and tapered shape makes it ideal for creating shapes.

For artists on the go, having a diverse selection of brushes in their Craft-n-Go is a strategic move. This ensures you can tackle a wide range of designs. Having the right brushes, artists can unleash their creativity and bring their visions to life, no matter where they find themselves.

High-quality Paint

In addition to brushes in your face painting kit, it is crucial to use high-quality and safe paint. When it comes to painting faces, using paint made with safe ingredients is vital. Craft paint is intended for craft projects and should never be used on the skin, as it could cause a rash or an allergic reaction.

There is a wide variety of different types of paints available on the market, each with its unique characteristics and properties. It's important to research and understand the various types of paints and their suitability for the specific designs you plan to create. Many experienced face painters have their personal preferences for the paint they prefer to work with.

If you are beginning your collection of face paints, you will want to have white and black face paint for backgrounds and line work. In addition to those two colors, you can purchase a starter kit or a multi-color palette as a starting point. As you grow your collection, you may want to expand paint colors and types (metallic and neon). 

Versatile Sponges

The third essential tool for your Craft-n-Go should be sponges. Investing in quality sponges is key to achieving smooth, even application and ensuring your designs look great. Not all sponges are created equal, and it Is important to choose the right ones for the job. We suggest avoiding makeup sponges. While they are great for applying cosmetics, they can absorb too much paint for face painting. Similarly, using cheap, low-quality sponges may seem cost-effective, but they can break down quickly, ultimately costing you more in the long run.

Look for sponges designed for face painting. Sponges that are high-density are ideal for creating face paint designs. Some must-have sponges to include in your face painting toolkit are round sponges, petal sponges, and daubers. A round sponge is versatile and can be great for blending colors or creating a base layer - you can even cut it in half to utilize the flat edges for more precise designs. The petal sponge is perfect for creating detailed designs like butterfly wings or flower petals, while daubers are excellent for applying paint over stencils with precision.

It is good practice to clean your sponges after every use to stay hygienic. Properly cleaning your sponges will help prolong their lifespan. You can wash your sponges by hand or wash them in a mesh bag in a washer. Allow them to fully air dry before using them again.

Cosmetic Glitter

Glitter is one of the most eye-catching tools to include in your Craft-n-Go. Glitter comes in a vast array of sizes, colors, and shapes, adding a touch of sparkle to your designs. When incorporating glitter into your projects, it's crucial to use cosmetic-grade glitter. While craft glitter might appear similar, usually, it is made of tiny metal particles, which can cause allergic reactions or even scratch the cornea in your eye, posing safety risks.

The use of glitter can enhance the visual appeal of any design, making it an excellent accessory for adding extra detail and interest. Cosmetic glitter is available in two forms: loose glitter and gel glitter. Loose glitter is versatile and can be sprinkled onto wet face paint or applied with a brush, while gel glitter comes pre-mixed with a gel medium, making it easier to apply directly to the skin.

Glitter can come in different sizes: Chunky, Fine, and Ultra-fine. Chunky glitter is bigger and more noticeable, creating a bold look. Fine glitter provides a delicate shimmer, and ultra-fine glitter offers a smooth, almost metallic sheen.

The type of glitter you choose for your kit will likely depend on the designs you create. By picking the right glitter, you can elevate your designs while ensuring safety and comfort for those who wear them. Glitter can transform your work from ordinary to extraordinary.

Clean Water

Water is the most effective and convenient way to clean your brushes and sponges while on the go. Using a clean brush and sponge for every face is essential to prevent the spread of bacteria.

One approach for clean water is to keep a cup of water on hand and replenish it with fresh water once it becomes dirty. Use an opaque container made of plastic or metal. These materials are durable and less likely to break compared to glass.

Another excellent option is a Rinse Well. This tool was designed specifically for the cleaning process of brushes. The Rinse Well includes a plastic bottle that holds fresh water and a reservoir that collects the dirty water, ensuring a fresh supply of clean water. 

With these essential tools, we are sure your Craft-n-Go will have all the supplies you need to take it on the go. Whether you are painting at a birthday party, festival, or fundraising event, having a variety of brushes, high-quality paint, versatile sponges, cosmetic glitter, and clean water will ensure a professional setup and a successful event.

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