Maximize Your Craft-n-Go Case

Published by Craft-n-Go on Apr 1st 2024

Have you ever wondered, "How could I possibly fit all my supplies in a Craft-n-Go case?" or thought "I simply have too many things; my case would be cramped and unorganized." Face Painters have kits packed with brushes, paints, stencils, sponges, glitter, and other essential tools. It's easy to feel like your case shrunk once you put all your supplies in it. Fear not because this article is for you!

Please note: Craft-n-Go Cases come in three sizes: Mini, Standard, and XL. This article is mostly about maximizing space in a Standard Craft-n-Go. The tips shared are directed toward the Standard size, although some of these tips are universal to all Craft-n-Go sizes.

Three Ways to Maximize your Craft-n-Go Case While Still Remaining Functional

1. Use the Magnetic Field

Each Craft-n-Go case has a metal upper lid. The Standard Case comes with two metal inserts: one metal insert that attaches to the bottom tray and another metal insert that is for the workspace.

Magnets are the way to go if you want to take advantage of all the metal surfaces in your case. Each Craft-n-Go case comes with 25 magnets that can easily be attached to your supplies with an E-6000 adhesive.

By storing your different paints on the upper lid or the metal insert, you can move them around in an orderly way that makes sense for your setup, but they also stay secure when traveling. It’s using every inch of your case while still being efficient.

Attaching magnets to a craft pouch and sticking it to the top of the inside metal cover is a clever way to maximize storage without using much room. The craft pouch is clear and a great place to store glitter, stencils, or cotton swabs. The clear pouch lets you see what is inside at a glance, making it a practical and space-saving addition to your crafting area.

2. Think Outside the Box

When you have run out of room, it’s time to think outside the box! One way to use the sides of a Craft-n-Go case is by removing the metal insert and placing it on the inside between the hinge and the edge of the Case, creating another usable surface.

Photo of an additional metal insert purchased. 

Consider an Expansion Tray for an additional 13"x10" of space for your light weight supplies. Simply hook the tray onto the side of your Standard Craft-n-Go Case fill it up and you're ready to go. You can even add a metal cover.

Speaking of things that attach to your Craft-n-Go Case, you can also store your brushes on the side with the Brush & Tool Tray or the Brush Bin. The Brush Bin even has a removable foam insert that can be taken out if you decide to use your bin for supplies other than brushes. It works great for those glitter jars.

The Card Caddy was designed to hold business cards and can be attached to the side of your case, an easy spot to grab from and hand them out. With the small size of the Card Caddy, they also make a great storage solution for storing small tools, like a spray bottle or daubers. When you choose to store something outside the case, the amount of available storage increases.

3. Utilize your Accessories

We already mentioned a variety of accessories, but they are so important when it comes to maximizing your space. Utilizing accessories to store and organize your supplies enhances your workflow; it maximizes your space, allowing you to hold as much of your supplies as needed. A few more accessories that can improve your case are mirrors, towels, laundry bags, and binder rings!

When purchasing a mirror for your case, look for a shatterproof mirror, one durable enough for traveling. You can attach your mirror with magnets to your case or (depending on the mirror) stick it in the front handle of the case. 

Utilizing laundry bags as storage for your sponges is a clever and practical solution. Select a bag with an elastic or drawstring closure for easy hanging on the latches of your case. If your bag lacks hanging features, you can use a clothespin or binder clip to secure it. This setup keeps your sponges organized, clean, and washable after use.

Binder rings are also a handy accessory to store your stencils on. We wrote an entire blog post about how to store stencils - check it out.

With countless ways to rearrange your supplies, it's about finding the best setup for your case. Looking for ways to stick things to the metal lid or clip them onto the side of your case will maximize your space. By using the right accessories and staying organized, you can make the most of the available space in your Craft-n-Go Case.