Why Craft-n-Go is a Traveling Face Painter's Best Friend

Published by Tori Brunsting, CnG on May 9th 2024

Traveling face painters often find themselves journeying to various birthdays, fundraisers, and events, requiring a reliable method for transporting their supplies efficiently. The task of lugging tables, chairs, and multiple bags can be challenging and time-consuming during setup. The Craft-n-Go is a perfect solution for face painters who are on the go. Continue reading to discover why the Craft-n-Go is a Traveling Face Painter’s Best Friend.

1. Compact

The Craft-n-Go Case was designed to keep all of your supplies in one spot, keeping your supplies compact without having to compromise the amount of supplies you can store. The Craft-n-Go comes in three sizes: MiniStandard, and XL. The standard size has an upper magnetic lid and two lower compartments that maximize your space. Keep your paint and brushes organized.

Mini Craft-n-Go

2. Magnetic

The Craft-n-Go case is perfect for face painters on the go because of the amount of magnetic surface that it has. The upper lid is completely magnetic (on the inside) and is perfect to hold your supplies. Attach a magnet to your paint palettes, glitter, gems, stencils, or other supplies you may have. Use strong magnets so that your supplies don't move while transporting. When you open your case, just a slight readjustment of your paints, and you are ready to go.

3. Portable (wheels and adjustable legs)

Take it with you wherever you go. If you use the Mini Craft-n-Go case, its small stature shouldn’t be overlooked. The mini case has built-in wheels and an extendable handle, making it easy to move wherever you go. The Standard Craft-n-Go has wheels, an extendable handle, and built-in adjustable legs. Take the Standard to any location and set it up easily using the adjustable legs.

4. Fits a lot of supplies

Just like Mary Poppin's bag, the Craft-n-Go can carry it all. The Craft-n-Go case can store your rainbow cakes, split cakes, mirrors, brushes, glitter, sponges, and more! With a magnetic lid and two compartments in the lower part of the standard, you can fit so many supplies in one case. Instead of juggling multiple bags and having to unpack everything and set it up upon arrival, the Craft-n-Go case holds it all and is ready to go wherever you go.

5. Professional

One of the best features of the Craft-n-Go is that it immediately takes your setup to the next level. The sleek Case keeps all your supplies neatly organized in a great setup. Many traveling face painters like to attach their signage and business cards to the case to make it easy for customers to grab their contact information or to see what they offer.


6. Personalized

No matter where you like to face paint or how long you have been a face painter, the Craft-n-Go can be customized to fit your style. Pick the size and color you want and arrange your supplies any way you like. Each face painter is unique, and so is their set-up. The Craft-n-Go allows you to make your set-up your own without compromising functionality and space!

The Craft-n-Go case is the ultimate solution for professional face painters looking to take their setup and stay organized on the go. Designed to be compact yet spacious, this Case maximizes storage without compromising on portability. The magnetic lid and adjustable legs on the Standard Case keep all your supplies secure and easily accessible. Whether you are a seasoned pro or just starting, the Craft-n-Go case is a game-changer, elevating your setup to a professional level while ensuring you're always ready to paint wherever you go.

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