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Scratch & Dent Cases

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All sales are final for Scratch & Dent Cases.

Scratch and Dent cases are functional. Issues are cosmetic unless otherwise noted.

Level 1 Cases:

Level 1 cases are 25% OFF and may have one or more of the following issues:

  • Black marks on lid
  • Glue visible
  • Extra rivet installed by hinge
  • Small to medium scratches
  • Small to medium scuffs
  • Small to medium dents
  • Handled installed crooked

Level 2 Cases

Level 2 cases are 40% OFF and may have one or more of the following issues:

  • Case is out of square and may not sit flat
  • Small cracks in case (repaired)
  • Incorrect holes drilled
  • Original handle installed and needs extension handle (Extension Handle included)

Please note: Cases include Metal Inserts, Magnets, and Glue.

During the checkout process a Case may show availaibility. However, if two or more customers have the Case in their cart at the same time, it may allow both to checkout. If this is the case, the first customer to checkout will receive the case and the second order will be canceled and refunded.

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