Artist Highlight: Jane

Published by Craft-n-Go on Jul 31st 2023

We are excited about our latest Artist Highlight! Jane's inspiring journey from a career in Social Care to becoming a talented face painter is a testament to the power of pursuing what you love. With a passion for creativity and painting, she embraced the challenge, watched countless tutorials, and sought guidance from experienced face painters. Now, as the owner of Daisy Jane’s Face Painting, Jane brings joy to various events, creating beautiful designs!

Let's meet Jane!

CnG: What inspired you to start face painting?

Jane: Ever since I was a child, I have been creative and especially loved drawing. In my previous career, I occasionally became the volunteer face painter for the community fun days we would put on, so that was where I got my first taste of face painting. For almost 20yrs I had a career in Social Care, working with children & families specializing in child behavior. Around 9 years ago, I made the decision to change my career path completely. It was at this point I picked up my face painting brushes again and started painting for parties on weekends to boost my new, much lower income, and it took off from there. Within 6 months of opening Daisy Jane’s Face Painting I was all in and it became my full-time job.

CnG: How did you get started?

Jane: Before Daisy Jane’s Face Painting started, I already had a very basic kit that I used at home as a hobby, but once I decided to actually paint at parties and charge people their hard-earned money, I put myself on a very steep learning curve! I spent every spare moment watching (probably hundreds) of YouTube tutorial videos… Lisa Joy Young was one of my favorites. I also spent many hours researching what paints & equipment were available, and then I booked two 2 hour 1-1 sessions with a fabulous local Face Painter. She let me try some of her paints that were a different brand from what I had previously used (I promptly upgraded my paints), and she gave me great tips on the proper paint activation, one strokes and line work. I then went away and PRACTICED!

Unfortunately, it's not all about painting…there was all the business (boring!) side of things too. Again I spent time creating forms, contracts, invoices, income/expenditure spreadsheets… anything and everything else I would need to run a professional business. Although I came from a professional working background, I hadn’t run my own business before, so this was also a huge learning curve. What I initially thought would be “a bit of face painting” had completely taken over my life, but I’d never been happier.

CnG: What types of events do you typically attend for face painting?

Jane: I started, like many people, with birthday parties, which I still love doing, so this will always be something I offer. But as my business grew, I have been lucky enough to work for some fantastic companies in a corporate setting, offering the full range of my services at their staff family fun days, store openings/events, business awards, sporting events, and University events. The list is pretty endless. Not forgetting weddings, christenings, and other large family events. People often ask me if Face Painting is seasonal, meaning I only work during the summertime. The simple answer is ‘no’. People have birthdays every day, weddings happen year-round, and companies have special events all the time. There’s national holidays, school holidays, numerous religious holidays, and once Halloween arrives its all systems go for a busy festive season. Face Painters never stop!

I also can’t leave this answer without mentioning my amazing face painting friends/colleagues. I have been incredibly lucky to meet some very talented artists in this industry who I now consider as some of my closest friends. We also have many opportunities each year to team up and work together. There are many large events that require more than one artist. Sometimes it's for a client of mine, and other times it's for a client of theirs. Whatever the case, it's always a pleasure to paint as a team and support each other's business.

CnG: What has been the most challenging thing for you as a face painter?

Jane: Getting a good work/life balance. This is still a work in progress!

My partner is out of the house working Monday-Friday, and obviously most of the events I attend happen on weekends, so it's a challenge to actually spend some real time together. If I have a “day off” on a weekend, there are many other friends and family that would be nice to see too… so that’s definitely the most challenging thing.

CnG: What is your favorite face painting creation?

Jane: I’ve spent way too long thinking about this, and honestly don’t think I have one!

I am very much an ‘on the job’ quick designs kinda face painter. I’m too short-sighted to be able to paint myself in a mirror, and I don’t have children, so no models to practice on. I tend to either paint ideas out on a board or my iPad and then take them straight on a job and paint them in 3mins. So I have no real ‘masterpiece’ that I can say was my all-time favorite creation.

But having said that, I can tell you that my favorite things to paint are butterflies, flowers, and characters. I’d paint those all day long if I could! Here are a few I’ve painted at events:

CnG: How do you organize your face painting supplies in your Craft-n-Go Case?

Jane: This evolves all the time. I have 3 Craft-n-Go Cases. 2 Standards (Paint Stations) and 1 Mini. I bought my first (Purple) case 6 years ago. It's my main face painting setup and has seen many changes to how I organize it. I’ll share a picture of the current setup. That’s one thing I would say to people who have just got their first Craft-n-Go Case, don’t worry too much about where to put things and how to organize them. Just get in the essentials, do a couple of jobs and see what works, make changes, and just continue until you get it to a point that’s right for you. Everyone is different, and we all find some things more comfortable than others. So take ideas from the way other people have set up theirs, but ultimately find your own way through trial and error.

My 2nd (yellow) Standard Craft-n-Go has now become my glitter tattoo set up & UV Glow set up. Both are easy to switch out when needed.

My 3rd and cutest Craft-n-Go Mini is setup as a Glitter Bar.

What are some words of wisdom for face painters who dream of starting their own business?

Be prepared to put in the time and practice.

There are SO many amazing resources already out there on Face Painting Facebook Groups and YouTube channels that all you have to do is search. You will find the answers to almost all of your questions, unless your question is, "What are the best paints and brushes for face painting?". That's a hard one! Every artist has a preference, and every artist is different, as are you. In time you will find what is the "best" paint and "best" brushes for YOU… just like the "best" way to set up your Craft-n-Go Case, it's all relative… Happy Painting!

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